When to start edging, turfing and cutting grass?

It is early on in the year.. all winter you have been admiring the large machinery used by grit spreaders, but you have kept your discipline, and biding your time, cleaning tools and servicing your mower.. you are ready and raring to go!

Lawn Mowing – First cut if its dry enough, and blades are high enough..

If the weather is warm enough, you may need to notice the grass lengthening, you can start to mow. Set the cutting height at its maximum; and only mow when the grass is dry. Cutting too much at this stage will be just as damaging as in the middle of winter. Similarly if the mower sinks in mud it is a fairly conclusive sign that the grass needs to dry out some more. Some wheel ruts that form can take months to level out. –
Keep calm and don’t make matters worse!


Before and After
Make life easy for your lovely clean tools, a simple wooden straight edge to keep to!

Again, if you can keep your feet balanced and steady, re-cut lawn edges to crisp up the appearance of the garden and save work later in the season. It is often that when the grass is growing vigorously in later months that edging is neglected due to time limitations.


Forming edges in the next few weeks, when grass is recovering from winter, can reduce the amount of waste being cut away by the half moon spade. The cuttings or “sods” can be used in your compost bins. Stuck in a dark place with rotting vegetable peelings,… poor sods!


Not stepping on new turf, use boards or surrounds

For complete lawns or reinstatement of bare areas, turf can be laid at this time of year, provided the soil is not too wet or frosty.

The soil will need to be prepared, raked or roughed up to enable the grass roots to establish. Work from planks or scaffold boards, this will avoid compacting the soil. Try not to walk on newly laid turf and leave undisturbed for several weeks even growing long to allow new roots to strengthen.

Sometimes customers are eager to cut the new turf well before the roots are tough enough to enable new healthy growth to continue, try to let the grass establish for the longer term.

Prepare bare patches and seed beds for new grass to be seeded later in the spring, but only attempt this if the ground is not too wet. Mud pies do not make a good environment for grass seed to thrive!  They tend to dry out as rutted and increase the need for later reinstatement.

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