When to spray and when not to spray weed killer (Herbicides)…

Following a recent incident on a site, we had a long chat at our staff meeting about Herbicide applications..

We have a duty of care when we apply a herbicide, spraying a fine mist of chemical weed killer mixed with water, in order to kill weed growth.

COSHH – Control of Substances Hazardous to Health

We have a legal COSHH responsibility which is detailed on the manufacturers’ label on each herbicide. These labels inform us, the user, the potential hazards this chemical raises, and what to do if accidents happen.

herbicide, weed killer
Spraying weed killer has a huge environmental responsibility

As a general rule if the weather is wet or windy, the risk of polluting the environment is increased. So on a recent wet windy day, when we had planned to spray weed killer; we chose not to do so. We noted the weather conditions and made a diary note on a future date to try again on another time.

Some others,  can debate about it “not being that wet”, ” a breeze that comes and goes” or “only a bit of drizzle”. I do not know if they have any responsibility for liability or pollution.

Our staff are trained, tested, certificated and sit refresher courses to take responsibility of the whole environment in which we apply that herbicide.

We don’t like weeds, but we will not risk polluting the environment, with a weed killer, or any other chemical; to address them!

For more information, please feel free to call us at the office.