Seasonal Guide

Follow our seasonal guide and let your garden reach its full potential… Also check our Twitter feed to receive information on our processes through the year.



Lawns: Begin regular mowing. Apply fertilizer. Apply selective weed killer as necessary.

Shrubs: Mulch shrubs and herbaceous borders.
Remove weeds from beds by hand or chemical means.
Ideal season to lay turf and sow grass seed for establishment before summer.
Plant summer bedding plants.

Hard Areas: Tree surgery, check site lines and fields of vision.




Lawns: Regular mowing, check for weeds and treat as necessary. Trim edges.

Shrubs: Minor summer pruning after flowering.
Check for pest and disease control.
Apply fertiliser to plants.
Ensure adequate irrigation is carried out prior to softer ground in Autumn.

Hard Areas: Systemic total herbicide.




Lawns: Remove leaves from lawns.
Carry out autumn renovation spike, scarify and apply autumn fertiliser.

Shrubs: Carry out winter pruning and planting, not during frost conditions.
Plant bulbs.
Plant spring bedding plants.

Hard Areas: Total herbicide. Spot treatment.




Lawns: Edges will need reforming.

Shrubs: Prune all plants after flowering on current season’s growth.
Cut down herbaceous plants.
Loosen soil.
Replacement planting works.

Hard Areas: Leaf sweep and total herbicide.
Salt and Grit areas to prevent slipping on Ice

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