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This is a guide to what to do but more precise advice would come from an assessment of the areas concerned; call us now to make an appointment.

What to do? When to do it? How often? And what differences will it make?

Everyone likes a patch of grass, the smell of cut grass is a soothing one to the senses but too often grass is maintained poorly or left until it becomes a problem. Water and sun will always benefit a healthy green lawn area, but too much can lead to problems.

Some grass seed mixes can be used to reduce maintenance, slow growing however usually means that it will wear out sooner, so the right balance of original materials must be made.



Many lawns start to show signs of wear and tear in early summer. Do not wait for autumn to start on remedial work. Time spent then will keep the lawn in good condition throughout the summer and mean less work at the end of the growming season.

Spiking and top-dressing areas that show heavy wear will benefit at most times of the year.

Triple Ride on Mower
If the lawn is showing signs of drying out – becoming paler – raise the height of cut when mowing to reduce stress on the grass and to help it recover, but water, water and more water please!

If the lawn has a lot of broad leaf weeds, rather than chemically treating this alone, consider aerating or spiking the soil. Healthier soil will promote a healthy lawn.

If in doubt, raise the cutting height, it is easier to cut less grass and more often than potentially cutting too much and leaving unsightly bare or scalped patches!


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