Grounds Maintenance


This is a very generic guide to grounds maintenance and what to do and how to start. More precise advice would come from a visit from a Kentcare manager, enabling an assessment of the areas concerned; call us now to make an appointment.

Everyone knows what they want to achieve, but sometimes the ideal end result can come in a complicated range of tasks working together. Real management comes in identifying the maintenance tasks and facilitating the completion to the satisfaction of all..

For instance, you may want to start with a defined number of visits per year; to undertake individual tasks, such as grass cuts, pruning, hedge cutting, herbicide treatments or litter collecting. This enables the client to make a decision with a point of reference to refer to, throughout the term of the maintenance contract.

Recently, especially in this economic climate, we offer an economic landscaping solution. Your site, your budget and we can match a specification that can be affordable and suitable for everyone’s benefit.

If you allocate a defined budget to maintaining the grounds at your property, or you have a reputable Professional Landscapers or Contractors, like Kentcare, at your disposal, they can offer a level of quality within financial guidelines to give peace of mind to you, and anyone else who enjoys your piece of the Environment around us.

Call us now for a no obligation appointment to discuss all of your grounds maintenance requirements.

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