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With Kentcare’s many years in horticulture and grounds maintenance, with awards and qualifications gained, it may be easy to expect us to know all about plants; which plant is this or that?
In truth very few people would profess to recognise or recommend every plant, due to the ever-widening varieties that continue to evolve.
We can, however, advise on various landscaping and garden related topics. We can consult on plant placement, garden structure, and a range of horticultural and environmental topics.

Low maintenance, year-round interest, wildlife promotion, risk management are all realistically achievable in most open spaces in varying proportions, depending upon which is your priority or preference?
Most customers want a combination of all of these concerns to be accommodated. We can even advise if a compromise is needed.

We aim to develop gardens and public spaces which will support and promote you, those around you and the environment and wildlife in all its forms.
This can occasionally mean a clash of priorities but with our extensive experience of Risk and Method management; we are confident we can help.

St Marks House Pompey planting May 2013 (1)

We are usually keen to promote the use of native trees and shrubs, especially for hedging, so that we support our wildlife as much as we can by the provision of a suitable habitat.

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