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We offer landscaping design for your green space. We believe that the best landscapes don’t just happen; they require careful planning and thought. With many years and many variations of landscape design behind us, we are sure we can meet your expectations.


We offer a free initial meeting which gives you the chance to discuss how we work and how we have designed and landscaped other areas, as well as discuss your requirements for your design.

Below are some price guides but should not be prohibitive, please contact us to discuss before making any assumptions about what we can do or what we will charge for our design service.

Basic plan for a small garden from £185 -380
Medium gardens £400 – 500
Large Gardens £600 +

These options consist of a simple three stage process and final design (not to scale) with a plant list. This is a popular package for those on a low budget, not wanting to directly engage the formal contracts and costs of a Landscape Architect.

Typically we would undertake this for comparatively small gardens rather than large commercial construction concerns, but we are happy to advise no matter what size the project, if necessary we can engage the services of other designers to aid your project, thus through many ideas will evolve your design.

Kentcare’s own designs are copyrighted and charges would be proportionally deducted from any works we undertook as a result.

Not stepping on new turf, use boards or surrounds
Not stepping on new turf, use boards or surrounds
All costs quoted above are for example only and may be subject to change and all prices quoted at any time by Kentcare are subject to VAT.

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