Debris and Leaf Clearance


This is a guide to what to do but more precise advice would come from an assessment of the areas concerned; call us now to make an appointment.

All through the year but especially in autumn, leaf clearance and the accumulation of debris from maintenance tasks like Grass cutting, Hedge pruning and weed removal becomes an arduous task for those who maintain any open spaces.

That task is made easier and quicker with a combination of hand tools, a powerful manual blower and an outdoor Vacuum machine, designed to move leaves, grass clippings, thatch, litter and other unwanted surface debris from grass areas, pathways and car parks.

This is usually an item included in most landscape specifications but occasionally, we are called to clear up somebody else’s hard work or that left for others to do.

Fly tipping Waste:

Kentcare also clear up the rubbish dumped by the thoughtless, we specialize in the removal of all types of waste, including office furniture, paper & packaging, scrap metals, machinery, and any thing else you may have. We can even arrange for the safe disposal of hazardous waste.

Where the items cleared are of no value or interest to any third party, metal, plastic and paper are recycled in accordance with the Land Environment Agency and our own Environmental policy.

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