Landscaping Maintenance – Working to a Budget

With any grounds or landscaping contract, there are usually three aspects which are required to create a good understanding between Client and Supplier. – Specification, Frequency and Price

Either a Design or Maintenance Specification, which defines a detailed description of exactly what the client can expect. This usually is circulated to more than one competing contractor to “tender” for the contract, with the client choosing a winning tender price to award the contract. A design can be economically created by a contractor, rather than use the services of a Landscape Architect, Landscape Designer or other consultant.


A defined number of visits per year; to undertake individual tasks, such as grass cuts, pruning, hedge cutting, herbicide treatments or litter collecting. This enables the client to make a decision with a point of reference to refer to, throughout the term of the contract.


Recently, especially in this economic climate, we offer an economic landscaping maintenance solution. Your site, your budget and we can match a maintenance specification that can be affordable and suitable for everyone’s benefit. If you allocate a defined amount to maintaining the grounds at your property, and you have a reputable Professional Landscapers or Contractors, at your disposal, who can offer a level of quality that can give peace of mind to you, and anyone else who enjoys your piece of the Environment around us.

In one recent instance, we have had a comparable “tender” situation, where the competing contractors presented their ideas to the client. The client then chose the maintenance specification that he deemed greater value for money.

However the conclusion arrived, it satisfied the client, resulting in an individual specification for an agreed price, creating a good understanding between satisfied customer and landscaping maintenance contractor.