Fly Tipping

Sometimes the unscrupulous will use our sites to dump their waste, we can clear it up.

This “fly tipping” is always irritating and unsightly but we can react as quickly as we can to clean and clear the problem.


Once spotted our staff will photo the waste, send this photo to our offices. We will then assess the best way of clearing the waste.

We use a variety of methods to clear rubbish. Sometimes items can be recycled, other occasions, specialist contractors are used for particular categories of waste.

Some of the items of Waste can be passed on to Charity Shops or other good causes for what may be classed as “upcycling”.

Other categories need specific handling to ensure they are disposed of in a safe and clear manner, most of the categories will require a transfer note to ensure traceability of waste. 

environment1This administrative matter is often the main reason for the fly tipping in the first place. We are a registered Waste Carrier as authorised by the Environment Agency. If someone is taking waste away from you, it is worth asking to see their Waste Carrier’s Licence.

Sometimes the waste can be removed the same day!
Which means the tenants, owners, managers and ourselves are happy that the job is done with minimal fuss.
Fly tipping – Before:


Fly tipping all gone and a neat and tidy site – After: