Why Kentcare CRB check their staff

Nick Paker with students from Portsmouth High School for GirlsKentcare announce that all of their staff will be CRB checked.

The company’s ongoing maintenance contracts are with a variety of clients from Hospitals and Schools to Rest Homes and every type of business premises.

These contracts cover a variety of areas with very different requirements – including environmental access for the elderly, the young and vulnerable of society.

Many of our staff are parents and so share the same concerns as those reflected in schools. We also have older friends or relatives as well as those with learning difficulties and can share the concern. Not one member of staff has objected to submit his information to the scrutiny of a CRB check.

Given the horrific headlines, that turn the stomachs of most parents, and those who have to look after elderly or vulnerable members of society; we are happy to put ourselves forward, as an example of a small contractor doing that little bit extra to add peace of mind to our clients. We also recognise the role we have to those members of the public who may attend our sites, we all have a responsibility to help where we can.

A CRB check costs Kentcare for each of its staff, but as a tool to offer peace of mind, this is as valued an asset as wearing of company uniforms or driving the company vehicles considerately.

The CRB check is a vital part of our service to reassure client, future client and public alike.