Why are you called Kentcare when you are based in Hampshire?

The question I often get asked…

Kentcare was chosen as a name because, traditionally, Kent is called the “Garden of England”; and if we are going to care for the gardens of England, it seemed to make sense, even from Hampshire!


Being based in Hampshire,  “Hantscare” was considered but it was thought the word “scare” was bad for business!

Since 1978, we have sent our staff to work on the land all over England and Wales, so I think we have earned a bit of flexibility.

The family surname Parker has a heritage that hails from “Park-keeper” or old fashioned gamekeeper and grounds man.

We are not gamekeepers and never have been, but we fulfil the role of grounds man at many sports pitches, schools and other premises.

In the past, we have been advised to create a character “Kentcare Ken” to offer advice and words of wisdom; we decided our customers would want to deal with a real human rather than a cartoon or robot!

Free animation from http://www.animatedimages.org/data/media/501/animated-gardener-image-0042.gif
Kentcare Ken? . Not for us, thanks!

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