And now for something completely different… what does a label do?

Water retaining granules - yesterdayWe mentioned water retaining Granules earlier on and it reminds me of an exchange with a former employee who came across a label on a container of them when we were tidying out one of the storage areas.

Curious Employee: What is in this container?
Very Patient Foreman: What does the label say?
Curious Employee: Water-Retaining Granules. What are they then?
Very Patient Foreman: They are granules, that’s why they are in a pot with a lid on and a label.
Curious Employee: So what do these granules do then?
Very Patient Foreman: They retain water.

At least five minutes of silence passed by when broken by
Curious Employee: “Is that why they have a label on the pot saying Water Retaining Granules?”

He left our staff a few years ago, heading for a career in Politics, no doubt!


Reading a label may not be a horticultural matter that needs our expertise, but the application of common sense and the delivery of a practical solution should be in line with most people’s expectations of their contractors.

Kentcare may not be rocket scientists but we know what we are about, we should do.

As a firm we have been adapting to weather conditions, reading labels, adapting our service to meet the needs of the site, consequently our award winning service, keeps on impressing.