Responsible Property Managers penalised over Waste Management

For more than 30 years Kentcare has been clearing sites to make them look more appealing. It has had its ups and downs.

Clearing fly tipped waste has never been easy, but now, there has emerged another issue which has made the relatively innocent party even more frustrated. Skips and their costs have had, since June 2012, an additional cost increase at previously unheard of levels.

As a result of the landfill tax rate applied to materials such as trommel fines, grits, soil screenings and treated recycling centre residues used for landfill restoration has been amended from the inert rate of £2.50 per tonne to the standard rate of £64.00 per tonne, a 2,560% increase.

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We are hopeful that in light of the current recession and the negative economic impart this change will have on both the waste industry, us, as contractors and waste carriers and our customers alike, HMRC will quickly decide to retract this reclassification.

However, as we are sure you can appreciate, this change has had an immediate and significant cost implication for our operation, and as such it is necessary to increase our prices for our waste removal and container supply service.

Therefore, with effect from Wednesday 20th July 2012 we will implement a 25% surcharge on the total price of all waste containers supplied throughout our sites. If there is a retraction of this reclassification, in the near fuure in response to this debate, we will reduce our prices accordingly.

Clearing up sites using skips will be more expensive









We apologise that this price update is being implemented at such short notice but, as stated above, this new HMRC brief was issued without any prior industry knowledge or consultation with our Trade Association or that of the Skip Suppliers.

We will ensure to provide the full service offered by