Clearing up sites using skips will be more expensive

Top 5 Litter items on our sites

For the Litter Collecting of the Year awards!

Top 5 things found when clearing or pruning, shrubs, hedges or trees or litter picking:

Litter, out of sight but not out of our minds!

5   –   A torn England football shirt. ( A younger male member of our team found it, but claims he did not try it on!) It was recycled in a fabric bin. Not the only England shirt to end up as litter this way after the recent performances.

4   –   A crutch, litter-ally (Sorry!) This may have been discarded by a patient who clearly wanted to continue his walk unaided. The partner of a member of staff works for Portsmouth Health Trust, it was returned to them for reuse.

3   –   A wok, in slightly damp original packaging, marinaded in a puddle and left littering an industrial estate. It was donated to a local Charity Shop.

2   –   A 4 foot tall cardboard palm tree. Not blown from the beaches of the tropics in a storm but perhaps used as a backdrop for a wall or play setting, became litter for a short period. It was recycled with our other cardboard.

1   –   A broken trombone, mouthpiece gone, valves broken not very shiny but metal and so recycled with other scrap metal litter. Perhaps there is a confused trombonist missing his instrument somewhere… Is it trombonist or tromboner? not sure either sound like the right word.

Waste, how low can you go?
Waste, how low can you go?
  • We clean up lots of horrible stuff including dead animals, rotten food waste, fly tipping, as well but these are the quirky things that we have cleaned and cleared this year as part of our litter management service.
  • It would be much nicer if we did not have clean up after the thoughtlessness of others but we do and we can do for you too!
  • Find out more about what we can find on your sites while we tidy them up… Our waste service is