When to start grass cutting..

Essence of Grass Cutting, like comedy, is all about TIMING

Resist the temptation to start grass cutting; too much (raise your cutting height) or too soon (frost on newly cut grass can cause problems).

frosty lawn

If you are patient and wait until the morning frosts have stopped, your lawn will reward you by looking greener than some earlier mown lawns which often suffer scorch from cold ground conditions and winds.

From the middle of March, usually, is the time to start your lawn maintenance for the year. You will of course have been removing any fallen leaves and debris during January and February.

Sometimes a rotary mower on a sharp high blade setting can gather the fallen leaves but also trimming the grass in the late winter.

Lawn 2aGrass lawns and pitches, in these early stages of the season, are helped by cutting a little grass at a time.  Enabling the recovery of the lawn as a whole; also consider a mulch cut or letting grass cuttings fly, to aid the lawn cycle to gain strength.

Don’t forget to mulch your waste.

If you want us to assess your lawn, or discuss any aspect of Landscape Management, feel free to give us a call.