Salt and Grit Supply from Kentcare

In the Winter months, we have found in recent years the weather to be increasingly unpredictable. This means that assessing and managing risks on sites has been getting more and more difficult to react to or be proactive about.

Snow, Ice and Icy conditions can be made safer and the many risks reduced with the right amount of planning.

We need to be prepared when the harsh wintry weather comes so that we can still get around and carry on with our everyday life, so should your clients, working staff or members of the public.

At Kentcare we are able to take the worry of not having enough grit off your mind, and not just improving the conditions, but proving you are showing due diligence in accepting your responsibilities for the grounds.

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If you want us to spread the grit for you when the Met Office issue a Red or Amber warning  based upon the Road Surface Temperature.sgs-1 If you want us to deliver the grit to your grit bins on site for others to spread as and when the need arises.Gritbin and shovel

If you don’t need us – we don’t charge you. All we ask is for registration before October 31st and if we have a winter that requires no gritting at all; we would not charge you at all!

Mild winter anyone?

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