Winter – Grit Supply to Grit bins by Kentcare

Kentcare’s Grit Supply Plan

Kentcare Winter Nights

We supply grit bins, we also supply grit to fill up these bins or those on site already. Usually at a time when your site is unoccupied, minimizing thee disruption that major deliveries can cause.

We can assess the estate a regular basis to top up the grit levels, ensuring that when the users really need grit to make your site safer, it is available for them. In doing this you are providing this service as due diligence to be seen as “reasonable” in the management of the risk.


kentcare grit delivery 2
Sleep soundly and with grit bins available from £48 and rates starting as low as £7.20 + VAT per 25kg bag delivered to site, it is a cost effective and worthwhile service to subscribe to.

Call our team on 02392592615 or just email for us to call back at a convenient time.

Our service team will be happy to chat about your requirements, suggest solutions and arrange a quotation, after which you’ll receive our price back in 3 working days or less.

Don’t get caught out this Winter. Gritting for you, or grit to you, just try



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