Winter – Gritting Service from Kentcare

Kentcare’s Gritting Plan


Kentcare offer a unique free-to-join gritting plan to ensure you’re never caught out by erratic weather, and should any accident occur you have shown due diligence in the face of the risk.

Plan benefits include:

  • You only get charged if an amber or red warning is issued for the postcode of your site, we inform you in the morning; and that evening, we grit.
    • No warnings for the site would mean you do not incur any costs.
    • You meet legal requirements to undertake due diligence to reduce a risk as a property owner.
    • Your site remains ice & frost free and ready for your staff and customers’ arrival, whatever the weather.
  • If you wish to economise, we have a window of opportunity to cancel that evenings gritting operation, if we are informed before 12 midday, incurring a small nominal charge to cover the costs of the Met Office data received.

The only requirement is you register with us before Midday on October 30th.

After October, an administration fee is required to register the details of the site. The cost (currently £80 + VAT) is incurred to receive the postcode specific warning system each month. This cost is absorbed on those occasions when we apply grit to the site in response to this warning. Therefore this cost is reimbursed on the first occasion we grit.

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Call our team on 02392592615 or just email for us to call back at a convenient time.

Our service team will be happy to chat about your requirements, suggest solutions and arrange a quotation, which you’ll receive our price back in 3 working days or less.

Don’t get caught out this Winter.

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