Oaklands School Web Challenge 2010

Oaklands Web Challenge 2010The 2010 Oaklands RC School Web Challenge champions take on another Web design challenge, this time for the business that looks after Oaklands school grounds, Kentcare Limited.

The brief was to change the look of the existing Kentcare website with few restrictions, but to make it exciting and showcase Kentcare and what it has to offer to the public.

This is what Nick Parker the Director of Kentcare had to say about the new ideas.

“The team completed the task with professionalism and helped to clarify web design to me as a novice to web design. I used some expertise from a local firm Web of Knowledge who look after Kentcare’s web at present, with their expertise, to give more relevant feedback. Some of the graphic design was exceptionally good. I was impressed with how you explained your ideas at an early stage and kept me as the client very involved throughout the whole process. On a technical level, it was said ‘some of the coding was ‘way beyond school level’”.

The final design will be used in part as it stands, with adaptations where necessary to fit in with the existing website. Each of the three students received £50 worth of vouchers to spend on music, books or stationery items and Mr Parker gave the ICT department £50 worth of vouchers to buy new headphones.

Alex, Tom and Ben were taken aback with the generosity of Kentcare and felt that it was an invaluable experience, especially designing a website for a real business, assessing the requirements of the client, taking on board feedback and making changes to perfect the design to the design brief of the client. The ‘O’ Team would like to extend their thanks to Mr Parker for the marvellous opportunity given to them and invaluable experience for their future development and careers.

See their working design here…