Nick Parker – Profile

Nick Parker AIHort

Nick joined the company in March 1996 from working in Financial and Customer Services.

Appointed initially in an administrive role then he became a director in March 1998 before he succeeded his father, Brian, as Managing Director in 1999.

He has implemented a number of changes to push Kentcare through some difficult years and into a more stable long-term future.

His skills from his sales, personnel and training background have been used to improve the company reputation still further.

An Associate of the Institute of Horticulture and author of Kentcare’s blog posts, he has had independent articles published on Landscaping and Environmental matters; he has also acted as a Landscaping Consultant in many construction and refurbishment projects.

He sees a promising future for Kentcare, consolidating then growing turnover and profitability, keeping its principles of Quality, Service, Performance and Reliability for its customers to enjoy and the green and pleasant land around us to benefit from.

Quick Trivia

Shape and size:- 6’5″ and wide and heavy!

Favourite wind down:-  Sport, especially Cricket, Rugby and Football

Personal Heroes:-   Daley Thompson and Eric Clapton

Proudest Achievement:- Witnessing the birth of my two children and not passing out!

Favourite piece of clothing away from work: Always feel good to get dressed up in a Dinner suit and bow tie

Tea or Coffee?    Coffee, White, no sugar, thanks!

Famous people born on same day:-  Gerard Depardieu, Louis Pasteur and Marlene Dietrich

Nick is married with 2 children and lives in Hampshire

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