How “green” are your Landscape Contractors?

Every action we all undertake has an environmental impact…

In the industry we work in this means more to us than to many other professional fields. If you are not sure how “green” your landscape contractors are, ask them? then ask us?
We are proud of the stance we take, with your little area of our “green and pleasant land”

At Kentcare Limited, we regularly review how we can reduce this impact and try to support the following in all of our activities as landscape contractors;

  • We reduce and recycle our own green waste, using basic principles of composting
  • We reduce and recycle waste and where possible use recycled and local aggregates
  • We actively endorse and recommend the use of peat free compost
  • We use Timber from renewable resources
  • We lay drought resistant lawns and encouraging mulching and irrigation planning.
  • We use biodegradable and ‘green’ chemicals for herbicides and fertilisers
  • We can aid with and recommend installation of rain water storage systems
  • We actively engage with schools to talk about plants and the Environment
  • Where possible, selecting plants suitable for location with minimal maintenance
  • Where possible use of local suppliers to promote the community industries
  • Regular maintenance of our vehicles and equipment. Noise and Emission levels are assessed.
  • As a Registered Waste Carrier, we endorse and take responsibility for Various Classifications of waste
  • We also use specific registered waste carrier specialists  for disposal of certain classifications of waste

We are always looking for ways to improve the environment, if you have any suggestions we are always open to constructive contribution from all.

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