Ice Driving in the Winter, in snow or freezing conditions

Havant-20130311-00360We, at are trying to make people a little more aware of ice on roads and what to look out for on this page and then how to limit the risk by using our service to supply salt to treat the road surfaces and so now to the road.
What if we have to make that journey? what should we do? How should we drive? What allowances should we make for icy conditions?

Two short answers… “Carefully” as with all ice hazards  and winter considerations and “Only when you absolutely have to!”

Longer answers below….

  • Travel slowly. Don’t try to speed during icy weather as this will take away any control you might have had on the black ice.


winter traffic

Winter traffic can build up in to a traffic jam, but keep a safe distance all the time, even at low speeds.
  • Don’t drive too close to the car in front, if the road surface is wet or icy and slippery, the stopping distances increase more and more.
Always clear all the snow off your windscreen and roof.
Always clear all the snow off your windscreen and roof.

Keep your windscreen clear of snow, dirt, and anything else that can prevent you from seeing out of it properly. Also consider clearing your roof, loose snow will slip forward as you brake, or back as you accelerate, which may affect your field of vision, potentially at a crucial time.

To get snow and frost off the windscreen

Kentcare can send you an Ice Scraper if you need one! Just ask.
Kentcare can send you an Ice Scraper if you want one! Just ask

of your car, you might be tempted to turn on your wipers. It might seem like the wipers and the washer fluid will work, but they usually don’t. In fact, if you use your wiper blades to get ice off the windscreen, you could ruin them. Use an IceScraper to clear the ice from the windshield of your car before starting the vehicle.



Safer Car cleared snowTurn your headlights on even in good daylight to help you see any possible sheen or glare from black ice.
Check your tire tread. Worn or patchy tread causes accidents in any conditions, and will ensure you lack traction when needed on black ice

The important thing to remember is to NEVER drive in potentially icy conditions, unless you absolutely have to.